Equipment Manufacture

The Atlas range of clean air environments, laboratory cabinets and workstations provide a range of solutions to product and personnel protection from microbiological and other contamination hazards.

All products conform to the relevant British and European safety standards and are available in standard sizes and, where necessary, client specified variations.


A full range of laboratory cabinets are covered with equipment calibration certificates available for inspection. Particle counts and validation reports are among the quality control elements which are made available to clients.

Microbiological Safety Cabinets

Microbiological Cabinet Class I +

Microbiological Cabinet Class II +

Microbiological Cabinet Class III +

A variety of material can be incorporated into the fabrication of safety cabinets to ensure that safe working environments and aesthetic conditions are met.

Laminar flow workstations

Designed to prevent contamination of semiconductor wafers, biological samples, or any particle sensitive device. Air is drawn through the HEPA filter and blown towards the user.